Fender American Elite Tele Thinline w/HSCase


Innovation is the name of the game with the American Elite Telecaster Thinline, a semi-hollow instrument for the 21st-century guitarist who embraces innovation in an instrument and their playing. Genuine and amazingly flexible Thinline tone, our leading-edge technologies and classic Fender style work in harmony to create an easy-playing instrument you won’t want to put down.

  • Single cutaway semi-hollowbody electric guitar
  • Two all-new fourth generation Noiseless single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • S-1TM switching switches between parallel and series pickup wiring
  • Compound profile neck; redesigned contoured neck heel
  • 9.5”-14” compound radius fingerboard
  • Locking short-post tuning machines
  • Includes redesigned ABS Elite Molded Case with TSA locks
  • All-new American Elite neck
  • All-new 4th Generation Noiseless Pickups
  • All-new American Elite neck heel
  • New suspension beridge
  • New double action truss rod adjustment wheel
  • S-1TM swtich
  • MFG # 0114312721

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Manufacturer: Fender
Fender American Elite Tele Thinline w/HSCase
Price: $1,999.99