TC Electronic CRITICALMASS ^Vocal Processor Pedal


4 Melodic Choir Styles 4 Gang Vocal Styles 3 Reverb Styles Adaptive Tone Optional AA battery power Easy connection between standard mic and mixer Phantom power always available Low noise microphone pre-amp Automatic input gain – no more setting and adjusting input gain Rugged all-metal construction Mic Control for remote on/off switching with optional TC-Helicon MP-75, MP-76 (main button only) and Sennheiser e835 FX mics Individual style select and mix controls for gang vocals USB connection to VoiceSupport application offering updates, product-specific news and more 9V operation (vs 12V) to accommodate common pedalboard power supplies

Manufacturer: TC Electronic
TC Electronic CRITICALMASS ^Vocal Processor Pedal
Price: $149.99