Roland KTN-50 50w KATANA Amp


Stage-ready 50-watt combo amp with a custom 12-inch speaker

Five unique amp characters: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown (derived from the Waza amp), and Acoustic (for acoustic-electric guitars)

Choose from a huge selection of customizable effects and effect routing configurations with the BOSS Tone Studio editor software

Dedicated gain, EQ, and effects controls for adjusting sounds quickly

Four Tone Setting memories for storing and recalling all amp and effect settings

Power Control for achieving cranked-amp tone and dynamic response at low volumes

Three Cabinet Resonance types for fine-tuning the tone and feel

Mic’d cabinet emulation on the USB and phones/recording outputs, with customizable tone via three Air Feel settings

Channel and global parametric EQs for refined sound shaping

Built-in tilt stand for optimal monitoring and sound projection Pro setups available at BOSS Tone Central

Katana Version 3 Newly Added Features

Effects selection expanded to 61 different types; Roland DC-30 Analog Chorus-Echo, BOSS GE-10 Graphic Equalizer, and 95E pedal wah added

Assign favorite effects parameters to the front-panel effects knobs

Assign specific effects parameters for control from an expression pedal connected via the rear panel Record with stereo mod, EQ, delay, and reverb effects in a DAW via USB



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Model: KTN-50
Manufacturer: Roland
Roland KTN-50 50w KATANA Amp
Price: $229.99