Bose Pro L1T1 ToneMatch Digital Mixer


Proprietary ToneMatch presets optimize L1 system to match the intended natural sound of specific instruments and vocal mics. Over 100 presets are organized into quick-access banks and can be independently assigned to each channel. Free ongoing updates can be downloaded via a USB connection between your computer and the ToneMatch audio engine.
• More than 100 proprietary ToneMatch presets for a variety of popular microphones and instruments
• Four input channels with independent selection of ToneMatch presets and effects
• Proprietary zEQ for precise tone control, plus a complete suite of studio-class effects and processing, such as reverb, delay and modulation
• Chromatic tuner
• Phantom power
• Compatible with any L1 system
(requires T1 power supply for use with L1 Model 1 and L1 Compact systems, and with a PC)

Model: L1T1
Manufacturer: Bose Pro
Bose Pro L1T1 ToneMatch Digital Mixer
Price: $499.00