Seymour Duncan 11303-02-B P-Rails HB -Black


A truly unique bridge humbucker that combines a Hot Rails coil with our Vintage P90 to give you unmatched tonal variety.

In the past, if you wanted humbucker tone, P90 tone, and Strat tone, you would have needed three different guitars. But now, the P-Rails humbucker delivers all three sounds in a pickup that is a drop-in replacement for any stand sized humbucker slot. Using any 3-way (on-off-on) mini-switch, this unique hybrid humbucker can be split to give you an super fat P90, or it can be split to the Rail coil for Strat-like tone.


Model: 11303-02-B
Manufacturer: Seymour Duncan
Seymour Duncan 11303-02-B P-Rails HB -Black
Price: $99.00